Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world

Terms and Conditions


You can purchase a fountain pen from Pjotr in two ways:

  1. You purchase a personalized copy of an existing thematic fountain pen with a three-dimensional element, tailor-made for you, for which you will pay him;
  2. You have a theme in mind and ask Pjotr to show you what a fountain pen that incorporates that theme would look like. If you like his proposal, you can ask him to work out your theme and build you your personal fountain pen, for which you will pay him.

1. Existing theme

You can choose from an ever increasing number of previously built thematic fountain pens. All of them hold an element that is reserved for your initials, monogram or likewise to ensure their uniqueness. When you order a pen, Pjotr integrates this personal element three-dimensionally, within the boundaries set by the theme’s contributor and Pjotr. This personification is an essential element and may include a theme-related cassette.
After you have chosen one of the available thematic fountain pens, you have expressed your preferences and they have been accepted by Pjotr, and after Pjotr has shown you what your pen will look like and has received your first payment, Pjotr will start creating your pen within a month.

2. New theme

If you know of a theme and are interested, and Pjotr considers it both appropriate and feasible, he will provide you with a provisional design proposal, which is free of charge. This proposal will includes one or more images, a quotation and a delivery time.
After you have agreed with the abovementioned provisional proposal, and after Pjotr has received half of the fixed price, he will work out your theme in close consultation with you.
The time it takes to depict a new theme greatly varies. With your consent, Pjotr may spend more time and charge you separately for the additional time spent.
Pjotr may at all times reserve the right to reject proposals, based on technological arguments and (alleged) intellectual property and (alleged) legislation and on good standard practices in the European Union and the United States of America, which is for Pjotr to judge. In case a fountain pen already has been, or is being, manufactured and rights and laws appear to have been violated, Pjotr may at all times reserve the right to stop the production and/or to not, or no longer, exhibit it to others. Pjotr may at all times reserve the right to cancel orders due to any violation regarding intellectual property and legislation.
Pjotr will subsequently manufacture the fountain pen you have ordered. Pjotr will send you the foun-tain pen (or a series with perhaps different initials, monograms or like-wise) and you will pay Pjotr the rest of the invoice within a month after delivery.


If you contribute a new theme, then you grant Pjotr an exclusive license upon acceptance of the proposal with regard to your theme and the elaboration of your theme in every fountain pen connected to it. Pjotr initially does not sell (personalized) copies to third parties, unless you grant Pjotr permission in writing to do so. In that case, you will receive an amount set by you, on top of the amount demanded by Pjotr for each item sold to a third party with your theme on it. In this way, you can earn back your investment, depending on the popularity of your theme.


Pjotr delivers fountain pens in a standard luxurious cassette and, at an additional charge, in a luxuri-ous personalized cassette that matches the theme. You have a lifelong guarantee on fountain pens from Pjotr with respect to production failure. In that case, you can turn to Pjotr for repairs.
When purchasing a fountain pen from Pjotr, you agree that you will never hold parties affiliated to Pjotr responsible in the case of improper use of the fountain pen, damage as a result of the fountain pen, judicial fees and issues not covered by these Conditions, or in conflict herewith. Pjotr can never be held responsible for the loss of income and profit, reputational damage and any other form of damage related to the fountain pen, nor for amounts higher than the amounts proposed to you by Pjotr.


Pjotr at all times reserves the right to show third parties the fountain he made you, without announcing personal details, other than your name, unless otherwise agreed with Pjotr in writing.

Other stipulations

In case you do not pay the invoice, or a combination of related invoices, within two months after re-ceipt of your order, Pjotr acquires the full ownership of the theme you have put forward and the design related thereto.

Pjotr holds the copyright and all other property rights regarding the issues shown on this website, at least to the extent that these have not been put forward by customers and have not been passed on to Pjotr afterwards. Unless stated otherwise, you may reproduce and distribute the content of this website in its original form for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any other use without written consent from Pjotr is not permitted. You may not remove or create invisible copyright notifications.

Dutch law shall apply to these Conditions, without giving effect to its conflict of laws provision. Any disputes resulting from, or associated with, these Conditions will be presented to the competent court in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If, for any reason whatsoever, a stipulation or part of these Conditions appear(s) to be invalid, then the remaining part of these Conditions will still remain fully applicable. These Conditions contain the entire agreement between parties regarding the topic of this, and re-place all previously or simultaneously, written or oral understandings or agreements concerning that topic. Possible exclusion from any stipulation in these Conditions will only apply when submitted in written form, and when signed by Pjotr.

For those who feel that their rights have been violated

In the event a person feels that his, or her, rights have been violated, we ask this person to inform Pjotr about this immediately via a message. We request that the person states in this email which parts he, or she, believes are in violation with the law and the reason for this, and to include his/her contact details