Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world

Theme Cavalry and more

The Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast likes to disrupt how fountain pens are made. Instead of relying on proven technology like turning, a couple of years ago he started 3D printing titanium fountain pens and today he also 3D prints its fully functional nib. This enables him to create complex design features and even mechanical assemblies in a single 3D print.

His designs reflect the potential of 3D printing related to fountain pens: more design freedom and more complexity in esthetical and technical functionalit.

2016: Spica Virginis

Now there is the Spica Virginis, resembling a spike of wheat and named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, where the virgin holds a bundle of spikes.

Only 100 pieces will be manufactured, numbered and exclusively sold by the renown Dutch pen shop La Couronne du Comte. For sales, please visit its webshop or physical shop in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Pjotr, Spica Virginis
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Printed nib

Van der Mast also 3D printed the pen’s nib: “It is amazing what one can create by 3D printing. The nib is printed in titanium with the slit included. The current model is rather straight forward. This way however I can create very complex ink channels and precisely affect the way the nib interacts with the paper as well as the pen's user. And of course, this way one can also create very complex shapes for esthetic reasons.”

The results stimulated him to convert his effort into a patent application.

Pjotr, Spica Virginis
Property of SOLide/Pjotr - All rights reserved - Copyright © 2016

Lattice structure

Also the pen case is extraordinary. Its structure is very complex and called a lattice structure. Structures like this are only feasible by 3D printing. Common benefits are in better stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Pjotr, Spica Virginis
Property of SOLide/Pjotr - All rights reserved - Copyright © 2016

Material Ti 6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23)
Manufacturing technology Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
Feed SCHMIDT Technology
Length (with cap over nib and section) 150 mm
Diameter  22 mm
Weight (without convertor) 32 gr

Pjotr, Spica Virginis
Property of SOLide/Pjotr - All rights reserved - Copyright © 2016


2013: Theme Cavalry

Pjotr released his first pen in January 2013: Theme Cavalry. Rein van der Mast has incorporated cavalry by bringing together various elements of two centuries of Dutch cavalry, including horses and tanks.

Because the patron saint of cavalry is Saint Georges, he has added the depiction of his famous legend, which includes a princess, a man named George and a dragon with appetite. It also includes elements of traditional cavalry (swords, lances, uniforms and horses) and modern cavalry (tanks and regiments), in three dimensions, as well as two lines from an old French adage: “A nos femmes, à nos chevaux.” The cassette or pen case resembles a traditional giberne or cartridge pouch, which today is a silver attribute of many Dutch cavalry officer’s ceremonial uniforms. Just like the fountain pen, it includes its owner’s initials or monogram.

Pjotr, Theme Cavalry
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The cavalry of the Royal Netherlands Army largely originates from the time that Napoleon was defeated, nearly two centuries ago. About a century ago, horses became tanks. However, in recent years three out of the four Dutch cavalry regiments have been discontinued and the Leopard 2A6, one of the most outstanding main battle tanks in the world, was put on sale.
This fountain pen reflects an important part of Dutch, as well as European, army history.

Most parts were made by industrial 3D printers. That makes this piece the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world

Rein van der Mast: “Perhaps you have no connection with cavalry whatsoever. Well, that is part of the concept. Pjotr pens are either unique or one of a small series. This piece, being a proof-of-concept, greatly increased my knowledge.”

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