Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world
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Looking back, briefly

Pjotr started a week ago. However, a research project to proof its concept for creating one of a kind, highly exclusive fountain pens started much earlier.

Three years ago, with a lot of expertise in various state-of-art manufacturing techniques, Rein expected to be able to sculpt pens ‘digitally’ and ‘print’ his sculptures in three dimensions. Moreover, he liked to prove his concept. The first pen he made in 2010. However he did not like the result and only after a lot of research, helped by a couple of high-tech firms, he managed to get it right. The result of that has exceeded the expectations of many already.

Creating products for individuals is a trend. Even consumer products, usually made in large quantities, more often than before hold one or more customizable elements. The internet facilitates that, allowing customers and manufacturers to communicate with one another efficiently. Likewise for Pjotr the internet is an important communication channel.

New business models will derive from these technological achievements. The pens of Pjotr may mark a major change in pen manufacturing.