Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world
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Pjotr and SOLide extending their research

One of the most important elements of Pjotr is innovation. So he is constantly looking for new and better methods to deal with the themes of his clients. Because of this, recently he asked SOLide to look for new methods that might be suitable.

He modeled a simple pen. Its shape derives from the upcoming abdication of HM Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands in favor of her son HRH Prince Willem-Alexander, April 30, 2013. Since the focus should be on the large parts, he asked SOLide to install a standard rollerball cartridge.

Today there are various methods available, all having specific pros and cons. Pjotr would like to know them in every detail. For example, one could high-res 3D print the main objects in plastic and plate them with gold, a method that is expected to prove it os a very cost effective one. One also could have them fully 3D printed in gold, which requires much more gold, of course. One also could 3D print the objects and use them as tools in an less direct process, called lost-wax casting.

And even more extreme as well as exclusive methods are available today, like 3D high-res printed in a very hard ceramic material, a process that has already been used succesfully for the creation of the casing of watches.

Pjotr will keep you posted on this !