Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world
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Due to today's international situation, Pjotr is about to be given a new name. In addition, and more importantly, new releases of his fountain pens will include some new, even exciting features. Stay tuned!

Since 2013, Pjotr by Rein van der Mast creates small series and single pieces of sculpture-like fountain pens using state-of-the-art technologies, like 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing). He also created the world's first 3D printed nib.

Rein van der Mast is the inventor of the 3D printed fountain pen nib (patent pending). All his pens are equipped with this unique part. It writes wonderfully because of there is sufficient flex included. It is comfortable and reliable and the 3D design makes it also stunning to see. Pjotr by Rein van der Mast fountain pens are typically made of titanium, which makes them exceptionally light and very strong. Other metals, including solid 18K gold, are also available.

Pjotr by Rein van der Mast 'Meteor'​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
'Meteor' - Merlot Red (f), Spica Virginis (b)

3D Printed nib

The 3D printed nib, an invention by Rein van der Mast, is totally unique, not only because it is 3D printed, but also becasue the slit is included in the nib's 3D print. So the slit is not the result of any post processing effort.
People may expect it to fall short in flex. 3D Prints however can be very thin and by simulating the forces as they appear while writing, by finite element analysis (FEA), it is possible to improve the nib's dynamics significantly by having thicker and thinner areas in the nib's blade.

Pjotr by Rein van der Mast 'Spica Virginis'
Spica Virginis

The Dutch brand Pjotr by Rein van der Mast is your brand for state of the art, highly technical and outstanding 3D printed fountain pens!