Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world

Pjotr by Rein van der Mast 'Meteor' Revealed at Tilburg Pen Show

DORDRECHT, The Netherlands – Yesterday, at the booth of La Couronne de Comte, at the Tilburg Pen Show, Rein van der Mast revealed a prototype of his next metal additively manufactured fountain pen, including his solid titanium 3D printed nib. Its name is ‘Meteor’.
From November 12 there will be two versions available. Both will also include a clip that is a 3D printed metal structure.

Many people tried this functional protoype and their responses were very positive, on both the pen’s looks as well as it performance as a writing instrument.

Presales started. Price for standard €735 , for polished/colored €982.
Ordered in presale: 20% off (€588 and €785,60)


To be continued ...