Creator of the first 3D printed fountain pen in the world
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At the Tilburg Penshow 2018 Rein van der Mast displayed a prototype of his latest design: the 'Meteor'. It includes the world's first and only 3D printed fountain pen nib (solid titanium). The section, barrel, cap en clip are 3D printed (additively manufactured) in metal (solid titanium and stainless steel).

Next to the basic version, called 'Pure', there is a polished and coloured version ('Merlot Red' and 'Royal Blue'). Only 200 pieces will be made (limited edition).
Later on 'Pure+' ('Pure' with polished shaft) and 'British Racing Green' were added.

(Below are pictures. Only at the bottom is a computer rendered image)

3D Printed nib

Extra unique to the pen is the nib, also completely 3D printed in titanium (patent pending), with the slit included in the 3D print. It is the first time that a fountain pen nib is created in this way. 3D printing allows for the creation of complex shapes, including the ink channel, and can precisely affect the way the nib interacts with the paper. The nib itself writes wonderfully. It is comfortable and reliable and the 3D design makes it also stunning to see.

The 3D printed clip is a lightweight and stiff solid titanium structure. And also unique is the 3D printed display stand that accompanies the pen.


  • Weight (without ink): 34 gr
  • Lenght 160 mm with and 155 without cap
  • Max diameter barrel 16 mm
  • Feed and converter: SCHMIDT Technology

Customization is optional. Above is an example showing the new logo of machinefabriek de Valk, one of Pjotr's manufacturing partners.